iBabs Board Management Software

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Board software provides corporate-scale capabilities for performing business-critical tasks such as managing content and business processes and making it easier to find and share information. In this article, more about iBabs board management software.

What is a board portal?

The board portal is a resource that provides a unified entry point and transparent access to data from corporate resource planning systems, document management systems, applied document management systems, and corporate data warehouses, group work, and business process management systems, to common employee documents, corporate mail or a public forum, business tools – analysis and other servers. Portals often include calendars, notes, discussion groups, announcements and reports, searches, email and address books, news accesses, etc. At the same time, the portal is equipped with powerful tools for searching and categorizing information contained in any information resources of the corporation.

From a technological point of view, a portal is a collection of web interfaces that provide uniform access to corporate data and programs over local and global networks. Any device with a web browser connected to the corporate network or located far beyond its limits can be used as a terminal. Portals allow organizing additional services based on access to heterogeneous data and applications from one web page.

iBabs management software for easy collaboration

If you need to choose a good board software vendor for your corporate management, the iBabs board portal is a good alternative. It is a provider of an online portal for corporate and public organization boards. It is a unique integrated total solution that has such modules: paperless meetings, council information, and webcast.

iBabs ensures that government meetings are broadcast live and are also immediately available on-demand afterward. The software also makes the political arena accessible to everyone online. All webcasts are provided with metadata: which speaker/party is speaking and which agenda item/appendix is current. Afterward, it is also easy to search through the audio or video archive based on meeting type, date, speaker, party, and/or subject.

By choosing a solution, you will have at your disposal an effective tool that allows you to:

  • create a unified information base of the company;
  • store contact details of all employees and clients;
  • organize the joint work of users with information;
  • create collective tasks for groups of employees;
  • organize joint discussion and voting on the most important issues for the company;
  • use a dedicated calendar for projects;
  • to differentiate access rights for various categories and groups of employees.

Advantages of using iBabs board software

Thanks to the iBabs board portal, you will not only create a common information space for the board of directors to work together but also receive some important benefits, the main of which are:

  • Comprehensive automation of the company’s internal processes, which allows combining various corporate applications into a single information environment that provides quick and convenient access to the company’s production systems.
  • High efficiency in making corporate management decisions due to the integration of the board software with other systems (for example, with production or accounting) and opening up new opportunities for managers to analyze the current production situation.
  • The growth of labor productivity was caused by the increase in the speed of providing the board members with the information necessary for their
  • Improving interactions between departments as a result of the unifying function of the corporate portal and the ability to quickly exchange information between departments and the board members.
  • More flexible personnel management, which became possible due to the prompt distribution of messages about all decisions made to certain groups of employees or the entire workforce.