What to Look for in a Board Portal Provider?

With the right board portal software, a management board can improve governance and efficiency while collaborating in a secure environment. But how do choose the best solution? Board portal for productive board collaboration Today digital management software for executive bodies has become more popular in the corporate management process. A board portal is a state-of-the-art… Continue reading What to Look for in a Board Portal Provider?

iBabs Board Management Software

Board software provides corporate-scale capabilities for performing business-critical tasks such as managing content and business processes and making it easier to find and share information. In this article, more about iBabs board management software. What is a board portal? The board portal is a resource that provides a unified entry point and transparent access to… Continue reading iBabs Board Management Software

Best Practices for Agenda in Board Meetings

A well-structured meeting chances to success. That depends on strict management by the chairman, but with a pre-determined agenda, you can proceed faster and more specifically. So, what are the best practices for agenda in board meetings? The essence of the board meeting agenda Meeting management is the process of managing all components that have… Continue reading Best Practices for Agenda in Board Meetings